Something for Everyone — 3 Popular Leather Handbag Styles

A handbag is more than just a way to carry a woman’s essentials — it’s a fashion accessory that carries her style too. Finding a bag that takes you through the many outfit changes you’ll shift between is key, and will make the process that much more exciting. At Urban Artisan Boutique, our catalog is filled with a number of leather handbags of various styles that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

If you’re unsure about the type of bag you want to splurge on, start by reviewing the design and functionality of it, as well as how it fits into your lifestyle. Here are three sought-after leather handbag designs you can’t go wrong with:

Tote Bags

As women, we tend to overload our handbags with items we don’t necessarily need, but store for those “just in case” scenarios. Whether you’re guilty of hoarding items in your handbag or you just enjoy the appeal of a larger bag, a tote is precisely what you need. A medium-to-large leather tote is great for carrying all of your essentials as well as necessary goods such as a notebook, tablet, or laptop.   

Crossbody Bags

After you so meticulously paired the right handbag with your outfit, continuing to carry it through the day helps to keep your attire aligned. Needless to say, a crossbody bag offers a convenience that traditional handbags do not — the freedom of movement. In addition to being able to easily maneuver your hands, all whilst keeping your items close, a leather crossbody bag, in particular, offers much-needed sturdiness.


One style that has gained popularity over the last few years is sporting a backpack. While a backpack is traditionally seen as a functional way to carry school essentials, it’s now used as a fashionable accessory. A full-grain leather backpack not only provides functional qualities, but it’s a great pick from season to season.  

Regardless of where your travels take you, knowing you have a bag that will endure the adventure alongside you makes it that much more special. At Urban Artisan Boutique, local and nationwide artists design our long-lasting leather handbags to give them a home — no matter where that might be. Browse our catalog and get your hands on one of our full-grain leather bags. For additional inquiries regarding our full-grain leather handbags, contact us at 267-273-1987.

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