4 Tips on How to Preserve the Quality of Your Full-Grain Leather Handbag

You’ve been searching in all directions for the perfect addition to your leather bag collection. You finally get your hands on that leather handbag you’ve been dreaming about! While options are endless, you chose the brown, cross-body clutch in full-grain — the best of the best. At Urban Artisan Boutique, we understand exactly how exciting that moment is, which is why we want to see that feeling to last for as long as your bag remains in your collection.

 Our full-grain leather handbags are the highest quality out of all types of leather. Luckily, the richness of this type of leather makes it less meticulous to clean; however, there are tips you can follow to preserve its quality for years to come:

 Protect Your Leather Handbag & Treat it Like New

The best way to protect the quality of your leather bag is to treat it with the same level of care as the day you got it. It’s recommended to use leather protection creams from the moment you take it home. Protective creams are easily absorbed by leather and create a barrier to repel stains and protect the exterior from general wear and tear.

 Keep Your Bag Away From Dust

Anything that sits around for too long accumulates dust; it’s just that simple. When your leather bag is not in use, it helps to place it in an air-permeable dust bag to prevent any accidental scuffs or build-up of dust.

Clean Your Bag Regularly

Full-grain leather is finished leather, so its quality is the highest of them all. When it comes to cleaning the exterior and interior of your bag, simply wipe any traces of dirt with a soft, damp cloth.

Keep It Stuffed When Not in Use

Natural leather, or full-grain leather, has a softer shape and build. So when it’s not in use, it can sometimes topple over. However, it helps to stuff your bag with bubble wrap or tissue paper to ensure it keeps its shape when you’re taking a break from using it.

At Urban Artisan Boutique, you’ll find our collection holds a variety of leather handbag styles that are perfect for everyday use. To get your hands on the latest, most trendy leather handbags, continue to browse our website. For more information, please contact us directly at 267-273-1987.

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